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What is an Affenpinscher? The Affen is dog of small stature with a BIG attitude. They are charming, extremely intelligent, loving and devoted to their people, cute beyond words and very, very "busy" for the most part. Once you own (or should we say, are owned by) an Affen, other breeds seem tame by comparison.

Those who have been fortunate enough to be owned by an Affenpinscher will tell you they are a fascinating breed. Those who love them are lifetime, devoted fans. They are mischievous, conniving, playful and just a fun dog to have around. The best Affen owner is an educated one. Learn all you can before you decide this is the dog for you.

The breed is generally quiet, but can become vehemently excited when threatened or attacked, and is fearless toward any aggressor. They are game, alert, and inquisitive with great loyalty and affection toward its master and friends.

The Affenpinscher has a terrier-like personality. They tend to get along with other dogs and pets especially when they are raised with them. They are busy, bold, inquisitive and stubborn, but they also love to monkey around, being playful and mischievous.

A lively sharp-witted, little dog that is courageous and confident. A fearless defender, the Affenpinscher will quickly become an authoritarian, if owners do not give the proper rules, boundaries, limitations and constantly be this dogs pack leader.

It is very affectionate and amusing. This friendly little dog enjoys being with its family. It needs consistent, firm training. Make sure there is some variety in the training so the dog does not become bored. They learn commands very quickly.

Some may be difficult to housebreak.

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