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The Adoption Process
PLEASE NOTE: Generally, ABGRA requires a securely fenced yard (no electric/invisible fencing), a small dog companion, no children under 14 years old and no unaltered dogs living in the home. Most of our rescued dogs need someone that works from home, can take their dog to work with them or is retired so that the dog is not alone more than a few hours at a time. The majority of the Brussels Griffons and Affenpinschers we rescue do not do well with children or large dogs. All adopters must be at least 25 years old and previous dog experience is required. Applications within a short 1-2 hour driving distance of the dog’s foster home are preferred.

If you see a dog you would like to adopt, please submit an adoption application for that dog. We describe the dogs as best we can. If you have a specific question, please feel free to ask after you submit your application. If we feel you may be a good match for that dog, we will happily share stories and pictures with you. Many of our volunteers have full time paid jobs, so we ask that you submit your application before you ask questions. This will enable us to answer your questions more fully and to manage our time better. Once your application has been received, we will contact you. You must complete the application fully, or we will be unable to process it in a timely manner. A copy of a photo ID may be requested and is required to process your application. You will need an excellent veterinary reference in order for us to proceed with your application. We do contact the personal references you provide and also perform a home visit to check the security of your fence, to assure that your home is safe and that this is the right match for you and the dog!

Adoption Donations
The suggested adoption donation is established to help defray the costs incurred for each dog’s veterinary fees and allows us to continue helping more dogs. In essence, the dog is free and you are actually reimbursing ABGRA for the medical costs and care of the dog. There is no such thing as a free dog!

At a minimum, your donation covers spay/neuter, vaccinations, fecal test, heartworm test, dental cleanings/extractions, and a microchip for identification purposes. Other issues such as uterine infections, major dentals, mammary tumors, hernias, etc. may raise the suggested donation for a dog. All aspects of the dog's health will be shared with you before the adoption is finalized.

All donations go back into our rescue fund. There are no salaries paid and most expenses other than veterinary care are not reimbursed to our unpaid volunteers and foster homes.

We must also consider the veterinary and general care for those dogs that may never be adopted due to their age or major health issues. Those medical costs must be covered by the otherwise healthy, adoptable dogs.

No one with a conscience makes money off of rescued pets. We consider it an honor to be able to do this. We hope that you consider it an honor to be able to make a difference in the life of the dog that you adopt.

If Your Adoption Application is Approved
We do not ship or transport our dogs. We prefer to adopt to families within driving distance of the dog. You must be able to travel to meet the dog and to pick him/her up in person if you are approved. If you fly, the dog must be stable enough to fly home with you in the cabin at your expense. Our dogs are never shipped or fly in cargo. It is often a difficult transition for many of the dogs, so we ask you come to them and spend a reasonable amount of time making them feel comfortable in leaving with you. Since we have cared for these dogs in our homes, as our own pets, we want to meet you to see that it is a good match. If we determine, upon meeting you, that this is not a good match for you and the dog, then the final approval will not be made. We do our best to insure that each of our dogs finds the right forever home and that our approved adopters are matched with the right dog for their life style. If your adoption application is approved, we often ask that you mail us a used, unwashed article of clothing, such as a t-shirt or socks. This item will be placed in the dog’s sleeping area so he/she becomes familiar with your scent. You may also send us items worn by other family members. Once the dog is familiar with your scent, he/she will “know” you when you finally meet in person. Once we see that both you and the dog are comfortable with each other, the adoption contract will then be signed and you will deliver the check, cash or money order to us before you leave with your dog.
Welcoming Your Dog Into Your Life
Living in a foster home is usually their first opportunity to learn to be a real dog. It will only get better once they have a forever home of their very own. They will quickly understand that you are their very own forever human and will progress even faster and further than they did in foster care. It will not happen overnight, but your rewards will be so worth it! Before they are adopted we work with our foster dogs on house training, leash training and some simple commands, such as sit and stay. You will receive a report on their progress, but you will need to continue that training. You can expect that your dog will have potty accidents until you have established a routine that he/she understands. Patience, consistency, love and understanding are the only “secrets” when training your dog. We can provide information on training methods that we use and we encourage basic obedience classes once your dog becomes familiar with you and your family. If you are willing to look past the initial fear, timidity, and apprehension and give rescued dogs a chance, they will be the most grateful and loyal pets imaginable. They are eager to please you and only want love and security in return. There are no “perfect” dogs, no matter what their background. If you are willing to overlook their slight imperfections, they will always overlook yours! The annual cost to own a pet is another commitment we ask you to make. Annual veterinary checkups, including heart worm test and preventative medication, a fecal test and up to date rabies tags are a minimum, along with high quality food. We will advise you what food your dog was fed while in our care and can suggest other alternatives that will help maintain the health and vitality of your dog and lower your future veterinary bills. Finally, we become very attached to our foster dogs and encourage you to send us pictures and tell us about their progress. We always remember each and every foster dog that passes through our doors, as well as the wonderful people who adopt them!. If we have approved you to adopt one of our precious fosters, then you might also be an excellent candidate to be a foster home! This is a crucial need, so please let us know if you have room in your heart to do this. We will be with you every step of the way and will welcome you into our growing alliance of foster homes! The joy you will experience helping a sad, frightened little dog discover love, happiness and trust is immeasurable!
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